Parça Görünümlü Tek Cep Tunik Petrol B7 21204 12224

26.74 $
  • Product Description

    Manken Ölçüleri: Boy: 176 cm / Göğüs: 87 cm / Bel: 66 cm / Basen: 94 cm

    Manken Üzerindeki Ürünün Bedeni: 38

    Ürün Boyu: 120cm

    Kumaş Bilgisi: %100 Viskon

  • Delivery and Return Conditions

    After the product you purchased is received, you can return it for 14 working days from the date of receipt if you want to return it for any reason. Not paying attention to the following points for return;
    Returns cannot be made without an invoice. For this reason, do not receive prepaid cargo. In accordance with the Turkish Tax Procedur Law No. 385, the return form must be filled in and signed in order for your returns to be processed.
    Returns can only be deliveries in Turkey.
    It should be on the label of the product to be returned. All accessories of the product must be returned with the product.
    The product must not be used, undamaged, or lost its re-saleable feature. 
    For returns, the product must be sent by UPS Cargo. 
    Shipping costs are not charged for return shipments. For returns, the product must be sent by UPS Cargo or Aras Kargo. Shipping costs are not charged for return shipments. You can easily send your return by calling the UPS courier from 0850 255 00 66 with the customer code 72Y52F. If you prefer, you can also send return cargo from Aras Kargo branches with the code 1929148850859.

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